Anesthesia for Enhanced Patient Comfort

Dr. Satko performs nearly all of the surgical procedures in-office using IV (intravenous) sedation. This allows patients to relax comfortably – even sleep – through treatment. Dr. Satko completed a four-year intensive hospital residency in oral surgery, which includes anesthesiology. She holds a specialty license for anesthesia administration and uses IV sedation for:

Anesthesia for children

Children tend to be especially fearful of “surgery.” With IV, oral or nitrous oxide sedation, Dr. Satko can ensure that a child is relaxed and comfortable during a procedure, including a baby tooth extraction to allow a proper secondary tooth eruption or a pre-orthodontic extraction.

Dr. Satko balances comfort convenience and patient safety while providing a cost-effective method for surgical care. Patients of all ages are in good hands with Dr. Satko and her warm, friendly staff.  

“Oral Surgery is about care, connection, overcoming fear and restoring heath. I like to ease patients’ minds and fears by connecting with them. Our practice can help them address their dental concerns, avoid pain and restoring their healthy smile.”  – Dr. Satko