LANAP™ and Laser Procedures

Treating periodontal disease with LANAP™

Oral surgeons continue to revolutionize treatment and make it more comfortable for many patients by using dental lasers. Now, thanks to a newer protocol known as LANAP (laser-assisted new attachment procedure), we can treat periodontal disease effectively without the need for scalpels, incisions in the gums, bleeding or stitches.

Dr. Satko is the first female oral surgeon in the United States to be certified in the LANAP laser, the only FDA approved laser-based treatment for gum disease. LANAP uses safe, proven laser technology to gently remove harmful bacteria and diseased gum tissue. Once we remove the pockets of harmful bacteria, your gum tissue can heal naturally, improving gum pockets and stabilizing your teeth.

Dr. Satko with LANAP laser

Patients love the fact that the procedure causes much less pain and requires no cutting, with minimal bleeding and no stitches. They spend less time in the dental chair, recover much more quickly and have dramatically reduced risk of infection or gum recession.

Return your gums back to good health

Patients who face losing their teeth or undergoing traditional gum surgery breathe a huge sigh of relief with the LANAP procedure, mainly because there is no traditional surgery involved. By removing harmful bacteria from diseased gums, LANAP allows the healthy gum tissue to reattach itself to the teeth roots naturally. LANAP can return your gums to optimal health and even improve bone regeneration, so you can keep your natural teeth and bring your entire mouth back to health.

LANAP laser

LANAP is the only FDA approved laser-based treatment for gum disease. By restoring your whole mouth to good health, LANAP also reduces your body’s susceptibility to many serious health problems such as heart attack that research shows is directly correlated to gum disease.

Instead of fretting over a diagnosis of a periodontal disease and the specter of gum surgery, talk to Dr. Satko about the many benefits of LANAP.